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360 Degrees of Grief

360 Degrees of Grief

360 Degrees Books creates anthologies on powerful topics from a variety of perspectives. While caring for her dying mother, Managing Editor Kayla Fioravanti, looked around the room of people who had gathered beside her mother’s deathbed and realized how vastly different everyone was experiencing the same grief event.

360 Degrees of Grief is a Selah Press Anthology filled with stories, poetry and songs.

Sixty-four authors contributed transparent stories written with open hearts reflecting hope to the reader. These authors have lived through the complete spectrum of life—from ecstatic joy to the darkest grief—and share the lessons they learned along the journey.

While I was still raw from the grief of losing my mother, God nudged me with the idea to publish a book called 360 Degrees of Grief. As I often do, I questioned God. How can I manage what you are calling me to do? Just as I asked, my mind was divinely filled with a “to do” list of the steps from A to Z.